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Motor Caravanners' Club

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Resignation of Chairman

There have been reports about gossip circulating in the group about our chairman.
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2024 Rally Booking

Two Rally booking forms are now available for 2024 bookable rallies.
They are divided into e - Read more.....






2022 / 2023

Chairman  Brian Burridge  Chairman  
ViceChairman   Paul Arndt Vice Chairman & Rally Officer 
Secretary & Safety Officer Bob Smart  Secretary and Safety Officer 
Treasurer Anne Taylor  Treasurer  
Committee Member Debbie Kennedy  Assistant Treasurer  
Committee member Yvonne Burridge  Rally Reporter  
Committee Member Bernadette Dickman Meet and Greet  
Committee Member Ian Gunning  Entertainment Officer  
Committee Member Dave Brant  Committee Member  
Committee Member Dave Waters  Committee Member  
Committee Member Kate Matthews  Committee Member  
V Beesley non committee member Vince Beesley Non Committee Member