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Resignation of Chairman

There have been reports about gossip circulating in the group about our chairman.
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2024 Rally Booking

Two Rally booking forms are now available for 2024 bookable rallies.
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Are You a new Member or potential New Member ?

 Have you ever rallied with us ?

Whether you are a new Member or an existing Member who has not yet rallied with us, may we enlighten you as to what a rally is all about ?

 It is perceived by many that a ‘Rally’ is a strictly organised, rule-ridden gathering of people who have to get up in the morning and salute a flag in the middle of a field. Nothing can be further from the truth.

The events listed in these pages are an invite to come along to the sites that we have booked for a few days so that, as a recognised club we can park up our motorcaravans and enjoy the attractions of the local area. All at a much lower cost than staying at a Commercial or Club Site.

The sites that we stay at may only provide the minimum facilities that we need, i.e. drinking water and disposal point for our toilets. However, some of the sites offer more facilities such as toilets, showers & electric hook-up. See this information against each rally.

 Members are free to come and go as they please and the only obligation is to pay the rally fee ! Social activity is often arranged should you wish to join in, but you don’t have to.

The locations and dates that we arrange are very often at a place and time where local activities are to take place. The Nottingham Riverside Festival in August is one example. Places where you can enjoy walking or cycling – Chatsworth Estate is an example. Our programme of locations is quite varied, take a look. If you wish to catch a bus to further afield then there is usually a bus stop close to the site.

Based upon our experience, we choose sites that are suitable for motorcaravans and don’t forget, our Club is for motorcaravanners only.

As first-timers it can be daunting to turn up to park with a bunch of strangers but you do that at other sites don’t you ? We have a reception, just like other sites, and all the information and help that you need will be available.

Why not give it a try ? We can guarantee a warm welcome without intruding on your privacy.

Any of the Committee Members listed in this booklet would be pleased to speak with you. Give us a call. (at a reasonable hour please !)