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 Motorcaravanner magazine May 2020 and your email address


By now you should have received your copy of the April edition of the Motor Caravanners Magazine. Because if the Covid 19 restrictions the printers are now closed for the duration. In an attempt to keep in touch I am preparing a Club Newsletter which will be sent out by email and published on the Club website.

In preparation for this, Peter Heale, the Club webmaster, has sent out an email to about 3500 members with registered email addresses, but 250 plus have returned as not recognised. If you received that email, then you need DO NOTHING, not even acknowledge receipt as the email comes from an unmonitored email account

If you haven’t received the email (don’t forget to check your SPAM), then either you have no email address registered or you have an old or inaccurate address registered. In which case please email your correct email address to the following email account

You need to include the following:

Membership Number

Lead Member Name

Updated email address

Do not send it to the office email account nor to any other club email account. Sending to the ‘update email’ account will separate the issues an allow us to handle the change easier.

You can help us by passing this message on to any members you know who don’t have an internet or Facebook account. Many thanks for your co-operation and help.

Sue Pilkiw


Date Published :  14/04/2020 21:35:00